Forthcoming Range of McCoy Soudal Products
MS Polymers
•  Elastic sealants
•  Elastic adhesives
•  Structural adhesives
Technical Aerosols
•  Lubricants & protectors (vaseline spray, white
   grease, silicone spray, PFTE spray, multi spray)
•  Cleaners (cleaner & degreaser, adhesive remover,
   sealant remover, brake cleaner, multi foam cleaner)
•  Industrial applications (zinc & alu zinc spray, degrip
   all, contact apray, cutting oil)
•  PVA based adhesives
•  Polyurethane based adhesives
•  Construction adhesives* Solvent based* Water based
•  Contact adhesives
•  Cork adhesive, Tile adhesive, Polystyrene adhesive,
   Marble adhesive, Glass Fiber adhesive
Parquet Adhesives
•  Acrylic dispersion based
•  Alcohol based
•  Polyurethane based (1K & 2K)
•  MS-Polymer based
•  Primers, equalizers and epoxy seals
Roofing Products
•  Adhesive foams
•  Protective roof coatings
•  Emergency repair sealants
Chemical Anchoring
•  Polyester based
•  Vinylester based
Automotive Products
•  Polyester body fillers
•  Car body repair products
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